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My new sounds:

My new sounds:

"So long and thanks for the fish"

In september I will stop DJ’ing and move on to pastures new.

Thanks to everyone I’ve met and partied with on this exciting journey. I feel very lucky to have such a wide selection of weird and wonderful friends that are all dedicated to driving forward this great industry.

To every raver, artist, promoter and industry worker THANK YOU. Should anyone be interested I wrote a goodbye note to the world that for the past 12 years I have called home:

So long and thanks for the fish

After 12 years in the industry I feel it is time to move on to new challenges and opportunities. It’s been a privilege to have had such a successful career. And watch so many great artists, that I am proud to call friends, become underground legends or achieve chart success, and a few, turn into international superstars. I feel very lucky to have worked with so many passionate and motivational people who work behind the scenes, many of which now run successful brands, agencies and festivals that drive this industry forward.

In this industry we must take care to nurture our new talent and business innovators, otherwise the UK underground dance industry may face a bleak future. Creativity is bread through welcoming and exciting environments. The industry should stop freezing promoters out with extortionate fees, which stunt new clubs and festivals that are the lifeblood of an artist’s income. If this doesn’t happen, the future could well be constant gigs at chain clubs and heavily corporate festivals; where often decisions are based on figures rather than the music. These fees are increasingly becoming attached to young acts that don’t have the time to organically grow and learn before they are thrust unready on to main stages across the globe. Some flourish, however the majority don’t recover from overpricing themselves out of smaller nights and festivals. Evermore this industry faces a lack of small emerging acts for line-ups, with a glut of mid-range artists that only the discerning raver has heard of.

You are the custodians of culture, and as such must constantly search out new music and talent. Too often a small handful of tastemakers freeze out producers for personal, non music based, reasons. The artists and labels in the underground dance music industry must be careful of social elitism, constantly asses that you are making choices based solely on music. Of course it’s a business and it’s only natural to want to help our friends, but be careful to not create a clique industry that becomes unattractive to new artists. Limiting the music’s ability to organically change, a key factor that keeps the industry exciting for everyone.

Yours is a world of success and excess. Surrounded by free drinks, drugs and social pandering it is all too easy to become an addict. Time and time again I have watched young people burn out due to the lifestyle that we all promote. The established acts and workers need to help these new arrivals and ensure they don’t become too strung out from the ‘perks’ of a musician’s lifestyle. The underground dance music industry is rife with closet addicts and mental health problems; reach out a friendly hand and ear, support each other. It’s the people, not the lifestyle that’s important.

It has been such a pleasure to work and rave with all of you, and I wish you all success in everything you do. Special thanks to; A true innovator in the industry James Benenson who works outside of the box and will remain a constant inspiration, thanks for taking a punt on a young DJ; and Ruairi ‘Klose One’ Kennedy who’s talent is unmatched, you constantly made me strive to improve and better myself, thanks for travelling across the globe with me. More importantly thanks to every single raver, fan, artist, promoter, agent, journalist and industry worker, thank you from the bottom of my heart for a great 12 years; I feel blessed to have been surrounded by such passionate, talented and creative people. I look forward to watching your future endeavours from the side-lines.

Paul ‘Rattus Rattus’ Mackley

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